Text: Friendzoned. (true story)

They say, it feels so great to have a bestfriend.

There’s someone who will protect you & will make you happy.

But, are you willing to risk your friendship? In exchange for the love that you’ve always dreamed of?

My name is Allison.

Ever since we moved to another accommodation, here at Dasmarinas, Kian has always been my crush. (Back when I was in 5th Grade)

Our parents are good friends, but their not that close to each other.

It all started with “Ayiiieeee!”

He was this guy I never knew I needed.

It was an afternoon in April, when he messaged me and said, “Ikaw diba ‘yung inaasar sakin?” I was like, “Huh? Sino ba ‘tong epal na ‘to?”

After several days, he asked for my number. And he promised me that he’ll text me.

Love grew.

I never knew we’d come to this point. Although we love each other, we can’t even say “Hi” in personal.

Hours, days, and weeks passed..

He asked, “Boo, pwede ba ‘ko manligaw?”

I felt like, every nerve ending in my body was a live wire when he said that line. I got tongue tied, I saw myself blushing, smiling with no reason.. It was love that I felt. Not infatuation, but real love. I saw myself, sleeping late at night because I love talking to him. Felling asleep while holding my phone because I am waiting for his text.


He asked me, “Ano na sagot mo?”

I told him that, I am not yet ready for a big commitment.

He told me that he can wait.

It was 3rd of May 2009 when I decided to say Yes.

Then he texted me, “Sorry Boo, I’m now courting Xaione.”

Xaione is pretty, I admit. She is as radiant as the sun. Skin so soft, like the flowers. And I realized, “Anong panama ko dito?

But then, It hurts me a lot. I tried to forget everything. And now.. It was he who made my heart break gradually into pieces.

I never heard of him after that.

Years passed— I’m almost over him. I don’t remember the feelings anymore.

It was 22nd of January 2010.

It was his 15th birthday, I greeted him. He told me that he still loves me.

My feelings for him went back, I never saw it coming.

“Should I feel the same way again?”, I asked myself.

I told him that, I love him too. Mutual Understanding, that’s what they call it.

April 18, 2011 was the happiest day of my summer.

I finally said YES! But of course, in love.. you’ll have misunderstandings, fights.

It was our 2nd monthsarry, what do you know about it? He didn’t even messaged me or even attempt to call. Our first monthsarry is also like that. I can’t take it anymore; Break up. I told him that, this is not gonna work out. He don’t have time for me. The spark is gone. He didn’t even said, “Please don’t go, I’ll be a better man.”,  but no. Instead, he said, “If that’s what you want..”

Months passed.

“Si Chin na ah? Tska si Kian mo.”, Carl said.

I was like, “You even serious?! He moved on easily?!”

“Alam kong masaya na s’ya, alam ko din naman kung saan ako lulugar eh.

Panahon na, na kalimutan ko s’ya. Smile, Aly.” – I told myself.

I met tons of boys, all of them are nice. But still, Kian broke my heart.. it’s the first time that I got my heart broken. That’s why, I’m afraid to fall in love again..

He came back, unexpectedly.

I heard that he’s not dating Chin anymore. And I speak to myself, “Babalik balik, kase wala nang lovelife. Ano? Ako nanaman?!”

No matter how hard I try not to fall in love with him, I just do.. I just can’t stop my feelings.

“I just want a boy-bestfriend. hahahaha, friendzoned!” -This was my status in Facebook. When I checked my cellular phone, I saw his GM (Group Message) saying, “Wanted: Girl Beastfriend.” He asked me if I like to be his bestfriend, then so.. I said yes.

Days passed—

“Love na love kita, Mcdo (That’s what he calls me) nga diba?”

I was like, “Awh. I love you too.”

But those days are now over until I received his last message,

“Kami na po ulit ni Chin, binalikan ko na s’ya.”



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